At Pretty Sciences, we transform your research results into concise and accurate scientific visualisations for articles, presentations, proposals, books, and more.

Share your beautiful science effectively!

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Show your work and expertise through visual graphics and create a greater impact!

High-quality, custom images are the easiest way to convey your message, to maximise readership, and to bring attention and recognition to your research. Pretty Sciences offers a wide choice of design services for data visualisation and science communication. Our services include:

  • Scientific figures – custom illustrations, plots, and infographics to improve the graphical display and understanding of your scientific data;
  • Graphic abstracts – a visual summary of your research main findings;
  • Presentations – well-organised and uncluttered slides to captivate your audience;
  • Scientific posters – layout and images design to showcase your work;
  • Design of logos, brochures, and banners;
  • Social media content – visual graphics to share your research with the general public.

Let us help you communicate your scientific work through the use of visuals and effective design. Contact us to discuss your project.